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XCache is a fast, stable PHP opcode cacher that has been proven and is now running on production servers under high load. https://xcache.lighttpd.net/
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typedef struct _xc_processor_t {
char *p;
size_t size;
HashTable zvalptrs;
zend_bool handle_reference; /* enable if to deal with reference */
zend_bool have_references;
ptrdiff_t relocatediff;
const xc_entry_php_t *entry_php_src;
const xc_entry_php_t *entry_php_dst;
const xc_entry_data_php_t *php_src;
const xc_entry_data_php_t *php_dst;
const zend_class_entry *cache_ce;
zend_ulong cache_class_index;
const zend_op_array *active_op_array_src;
zend_op_array *active_op_array_dst;
const zend_class_entry *active_class_entry_src;
zend_class_entry *active_class_entry_dst;
zend_uint active_class_index;
zend_uint active_op_array_index;
const xc_op_array_info_t *active_op_array_infos_src;
zend_bool readonly_protection; /* wheather it's present */
#include "processor/string-helper-t.h"
xc_vector_t allocsizes;
} xc_processor_t;