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msgid ""
msgstr ""
"Report-Msgid-Bugs-To: \n"
"POT-Creation-Date: 2013-07-08 14:41+0800\n"
"Language: en\n"
"MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
"Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n"
"Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"
#: edit.tpl.php:8
#, php-format
msgid "Editing Variable %s"
msgstr ""
#: edit.tpl.php:13
#, php-format
msgid "Set %s in config to enable"
msgstr ""
#: index.php:187 index.php:213
msgid "Total"
msgstr ""
#: index.php:263
msgid "Summary"
msgstr ""
#: index.php:264
msgid "List PHP"
msgstr ""
#: index.php:265
msgid "List Var Data"
msgstr ""
#: listentries.tpl.php:11
msgid "php Cached"
msgstr "PHP Cached"
#: listentries.tpl.php:11
msgid "var Cached"
msgstr "Variable Cached"
#: listentries.tpl.php:15
msgid "php Deleted"
msgstr "PHP Deleted"
#: listentries.tpl.php:15
msgid "var Deleted"
msgstr "Variable Deleted"
#: sub/entrylist.tpl.php:14
msgid "entry.id"
msgstr "Id|"
#: sub/entrylist.tpl.php:19
msgid "entry.remove"
msgstr "Remove|"
#: sub/entrylist.tpl.php:24
msgid "entry.name"
msgstr "Entry name|The entry name or filename"
#: sub/entrylist.tpl.php:25
msgid "entry.hits"
msgstr "Hits|Hit times of this entry (loaded from this cache)"
#: sub/entrylist.tpl.php:26
msgid "entry.size"
msgstr "Size|Size in bytes of this entry in the cache"
#: sub/entrylist.tpl.php:31
msgid "entry.refcount"
msgstr "Refs|Reference count of this entry is holded by a php request"
#: sub/entrylist.tpl.php:32
msgid "entry.phprefcount"
msgstr "Shares|Count of entry sharing this php data"
#: sub/entrylist.tpl.php:33
msgid "entry.class_cnt"
msgstr "Cls.|Count of classes"
#: sub/entrylist.tpl.php:34
msgid "entry.function_cnt"
msgstr "Funcs|Count of functions"
#: sub/entrylist.tpl.php:35
msgid "entry.file_size"
msgstr "Src Size|Size of the source file"
#: sub/entrylist.tpl.php:36
msgid "entry.file_mtime"
msgstr "Modified|Last modified time of the source file"
#: sub/entrylist.tpl.php:39
msgid "entry.file_device"
msgstr "dev|device number of the source file"
#: sub/entrylist.tpl.php:40
msgid "entry.file_inode"
msgstr "ino|inode number of the source file"
#: sub/entrylist.tpl.php:44
msgid "entry.hash"
msgstr "Hash|Hash value of this entry"
#: sub/entrylist.tpl.php:45
msgid "entry.atime"
msgstr "Access|Last time when this entry is accessed"
#: sub/entrylist.tpl.php:46
msgid "entry.ctime"
msgstr "Create|The time when this entry is stored"
#: sub/entrylist.tpl.php:51
msgid "entry.delete"
msgstr "Delete|The time when this entry is deleted"
#: sub/entrylist.tpl.php:149
msgid "Remove Selected"
msgstr ""
#: sub/moduleinfo.tpl.php:1
msgid "Module Info"
msgstr ""
#: sub/summary.tpl.php:3
msgid "Caches"
msgstr "Caches"
#: sub/summary.tpl.php:6
msgid "cache.cache"
msgstr "Cache|"
#: sub/summary.tpl.php:7
msgid "cache.slots"
msgstr "Slots|Number of hash slots. the setting from your php.ini"
#: sub/summary.tpl.php:8
msgid "cache.size"
msgstr "Size|Cache Size, Size of the cache (or cache chunk), in bytes"
#: sub/summary.tpl.php:9
msgid "cache.avail"
msgstr "Avail|Available Memory, free memory in bytes of this cache"
#: sub/summary.tpl.php:10
msgid "cache.blocksgraph"
msgstr ""
"Percent Graph|Shows how much memory available in percent, and memory blocks "
"status in graph"
#: sub/summary.tpl.php:11
msgid "cache.operations"
msgstr "Operations|Press the clear button to clean this cache"
#: sub/summary.tpl.php:12
msgid "cache.status"
msgstr ""
"Status|Compiling flag, \"Compiling\" if the cache is busy compiling php "
"script. \"Disabled\" if cache is disabled"
#: sub/summary.tpl.php:13
msgid "cache.hits"
msgstr "Hits|Cache Hits, hit=a var/php is loaded from this cache"
#: sub/summary.tpl.php:14
msgid "cache.hits_graph"
msgstr "Hits*24H|Hits graph of last 24 hours"
#: sub/summary.tpl.php:15
msgid "cache.hits_avg_h"
msgstr "Hits/H|Average Hits per Hour. Only last 24 hours is logged"
#: sub/summary.tpl.php:16
msgid "cache.hits_avg_s"
msgstr "Hits/S|Average Hits per Second. Only last 5 seconds is logged"
#: sub/summary.tpl.php:17
msgid "cache.updates"
msgstr "Updates|Cache Updates"
#: sub/summary.tpl.php:18
msgid "cache.skips"
msgstr ""
"Skips|Skips. Skip=updates are needed but skipped for some reason. e.g.: "
"other process/thread is busy compiling on this cache"
#: sub/summary.tpl.php:19
msgid "cache.ooms"
msgstr ""
"OOMs|Out Of Memory, how many times a new item should be stored but there "
"isn't enough memory in the cache, think of increasing the xcache.size or "
#: sub/summary.tpl.php:20
msgid "cache.errors"
msgstr ""
"Errs|Compiler errors, how many times your script(s) failed to be compiled by "
"PHP. You should really check what is happening if you see this value "
"increase. (See Help for more information)"
#: sub/summary.tpl.php:21
msgid "cache.readonly_protected"
msgstr ""
"Protected|Whether readonly_protection is available and enable on this cache "
"(See help for more information)"
#: sub/summary.tpl.php:22
msgid "cache.cached"
msgstr "Cached|Number of entries stored in this cache"
#: sub/summary.tpl.php:23
msgid "cache.deleted"
msgstr ""
"Deleted|Number of entries is pending in delete list (expired but referenced)"
#: sub/summary.tpl.php:24
msgid "cache.gc_timer"
msgstr "GC|Seconds count down of Garbage Collection"
#: sub/summary.tpl.php:30
msgid "Clear"
msgstr ""
#: sub/summary.tpl.php:31
msgid "Disabled"
msgstr ""
#: sub/summary.tpl.php:32
msgid "Disable"
msgstr ""
#: sub/summary.tpl.php:33
msgid "Enable"
msgstr ""
#: sub/summary.tpl.php:34
msgid "Compiling"
msgstr ""
#: sub/summary.tpl.php:35
msgid "Normal"
msgstr ""
#: sub/summary.tpl.php:36 sub/testcoredump.tpl.php:3
msgid "Sure?"
msgstr ""
#: sub/summary.tpl.php:132
msgid "Legends:"
msgstr ""
#: sub/summary.tpl.php:134
msgid "% Free"
msgstr ""
#: sub/summary.tpl.php:134
msgid "% Used"
msgstr ""
#: sub/summary.tpl.php:136
msgid "Free Blocks"
msgstr ""
#: sub/summary.tpl.php:136
msgid "Used Blocks"
msgstr ""
#: sub/summary.tpl.php:138
msgid "Hits"
msgstr ""