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// auto generated, do not modify
$strings += array(
"php Cached"
=> "PHP Cached",
"var Cached"
=> "Variable Cached",
"php Deleted"
=> "PHP Deleted",
"var Deleted"
=> "Variable Deleted",
=> "Id|",
=> "Remove|",
=> "Entry name|The entry name or filename",
=> "Hits|Hit times of this entry (loaded from this cache)",
=> "Size|Size in bytes of this entry in the cache",
=> "Refs|Reference count of this entry is holded by a php request",
=> "Shares|Count of entry sharing this php data",
=> "Cls.|Count of classes",
=> "Funcs|Count of functions",
=> "Src Size|Size of the source file",
=> "Modified|Last modified time of the source file",
=> "dev|device number of the source file",
=> "ino|inode number of the source file",
=> "Hash|Hash value of this entry",
=> "Access|Last time when this entry is accessed",
=> "Create|The time when this entry is stored",
=> "Delete|The time when this entry is deleted",
=> "Caches",
=> "Cache|",
=> "Slots|Number of hash slots. the setting from your php.ini",
=> "Size|Cache Size, Size of the cache (or cache chunk), in bytes",
=> "Avail|Available Memory, free memory in bytes of this cache",
=> "Percent Graph|Shows how much memory available in percent, and memory blocks status in graph",
=> "Operations|Press the clear button to clean this cache",
=> "Status|Compiling flag, \"Compiling\" if the cache is busy compiling php script. \"Disabled\" if cache is disabled",
=> "Hits|Cache Hits, hit=a var/php is loaded from this cache",
=> "Hits*24H|Hits graph of last 24 hours",
=> "Hits/H|Average Hits per Hour. Only last 24 hours is logged",
=> "Hits/S|Average Hits per Second. Only last 5 seconds is logged",
=> "Updates|Cache Updates",
=> "Skips|Skips. Skip=updates are needed but skipped for some reason. e.g.: other process/thread is busy compiling on this cache",
=> "OOMs|Out Of Memory, how many times a new item should be stored but there isn't enough memory in the cache, think of increasing the xcache.size or xcache.var_size",
=> "Errs|Compiler errors, how many times your script(s) failed to be compiled by PHP. You should really check what is happening if you see this value increase. (See Help for more information)",
=> "Protected|Whether readonly_protection is available and enable on this cache (See help for more information)",
=> "Cached|Number of entries stored in this cache",
=> "Deleted|Number of entries is pending in delete list (expired but referenced)",
=> "GC|Seconds count down of Garbage Collection",