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Xuefer be2e034a8f recover removed by mistake 11 years ago
Xuefer 65664ce97e var set/get/inc/dec tests 11 years ago
Xuefer 8eeae065ec fix test running for devel. redirect uses __DIR__ so run-tests.php has to the one under php-src/ 11 years ago
Xuefer fa00e9c679 change the way to run all php tests, with php-src php-cli php-cgi symlink to correct target 14 years ago
Xuefer 38643f8e5c slide hits per second and hour 15 years ago
Xuefer 1cd932e4f3 fix auto detection of php-cli/php-cgi for test 16 years ago
Xuefer dff43a20c4 added ext/reflection/tests to testcase list 16 years ago
Xuefer 861ad16619 add php-src/ext/standard to tests 16 years ago
Xuefer 72a34e48f6 script that help to run php test cases 16 years ago