1290 Commits (trunk)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Xuefer 401eee2b01 optimizer: fix debug build 7 years ago
  Xuefer dd6e9fbe85 disassembler: fixes crash with nested sandbox (since 3.0) 7 years ago
  Xuefer db77416e0b avoid dup test with ./run retest 7 years ago
  Xuefer 00db145cf0 allow dop be traced 7 years ago
  Xuefer 2def3ff2b1 fix test running for 5.3+ 7 years ago
  Xuefer 90bffee775 fix test running for 5.3+ 7 years ago
  Xuefer c4639fa7bb updated build dependency for 5.5 7 years ago
  Xuefer 056483bbff note about 3.0.3 7 years ago
  Xuefer af43dc86c8 update copyright year 7 years ago
  Xuefer ba09ba2425 updated release date 7 years ago
  Xuefer c1d9d863a7 disassembler: fix: compile against correct const string for PHP 5.2, use 5.3 version of strings is enough 7 years ago
  Xuefer 5d5b18a4bc update bug fix note about PHP 5.4+ only 7 years ago
  Xuefer cf45ee00ee fixes #307: compatible with Zend Debugger which requires to be installed after Zend Extension Manager 7 years ago
  Xuefer cb30f6371e fix optimizer debug 7 years ago
  Xuefer 091e5563f2 remove unused code 7 years ago
  Xuefer 5ce96cff4f fixes #301: refix locking impl 7 years ago
  Xuefer 876859cc24 undo [1242] 7 years ago
  Xuefer 34338ebd10 fix build 7 years ago
  Xuefer bcebc33200 undefined xc_shm_t 7 years ago
  Xuefer 3eb6e9b552 fix build for PHP<5.4 7 years ago
  Xuefer d6a26094d9 fixes #296: Multiple instances of the same software causes PHP "cannot redeclare class" errors when xcache enabled 7 years ago
  Xuefer 8fc2642685 PHP5_5 prepare example 7 years ago
  Xuefer e0bf6cdd3f fixes #303: tablesort.js not found in Diagnosis and Coverager 7 years ago
  Xuefer 7fe46fb894 compatiblity with fcntl 8 years ago
  Xuefer c2bfc7d4ff fix php-src for running test 8 years ago
  Xuefer 4d16d53af2 PHP_5_5: fix build 8 years ago
  Xuefer 734abf667a fixes #297: segv on startup under sparc, ini setting overflow 8 years ago
  Xuefer 9782a13dfd MFB: update release date for 3.0.1 8 years ago
  Xuefer 7c1e8b08c9 updates copyright year 8 years ago
  Xuefer 1b72c49518 updated ChangeLog 8 years ago
  Xuefer 57549f6cf7 kill warning "function with _alloca() inlined into a loop" 8 years ago
  Xuefer c6f366489f Wconversion make too much noise 8 years ago
  Xuefer cb45d30c6e fix build 8 years ago
  Xuefer 0f53de0a19 add support for PHP_5_5 8 years ago
  Xuefer b31e2b14cd kill some warning 8 years ago
  Xuefer 6397f2db78 trunk target to 3.1.x 8 years ago
  Xuefer d84da590ff PHP_5_4: fix for ZEND_JMP_SET_VAR 8 years ago
  Xuefer c6df026c37 fix sign warning 8 years ago
  Xuefer 94a6d092ac mutex code clean up 8 years ago
  Xuefer ddbd8a1a33 adds thanks note 8 years ago
  Xuefer c67d47e7c8 finished improve stability on threaded env 8 years ago
  Xuefer 8d9274cda1 undefined variable when ini is not found 8 years ago
  Xuefer 35a0b57dcd undefined variable when ini is not found 8 years ago
  Xuefer 36ef103274 fix some 64bit warnings 8 years ago
  Xuefer b60f7514c2 zts build fix 8 years ago
  Xuefer beeb22d135 fix for ZTS 8 years ago
  Xuefer e1403275e3 ws fix 8 years ago
  Xuefer df286b7493 devel: better output 8 years ago
  Xuefer 18eb8aff00 fixes #295: crash using traits with PHP 5.4.8+ 8 years ago
  Xuefer 2b3b0d2e39 fixs crash when cache is too small on start up 8 years ago