1290 Commits (trunk)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Xuefer 58624130fa devel: fix sort, retest only last results 7 years ago
  Xuefer 498f03e25b hack report_memleaks=1 for devel testing 7 years ago
  Xuefer 44782eaf7d report_memleaks=0 was not working as expected 7 years ago
  Xuefer a8f973a0a8 fix optimizer for try/catch/finally when either catch/finally is omitted 7 years ago
  Xuefer b52561376a update ChangeLog/NEWS for #324 7 years ago
  Xuefer 0f9c2dafcf adds fix pointer for hash table 7 years ago
  Xuefer 74214f82e4 calc avail for test 7 years ago
  Xuefer f7035318b7 fix xtest 7 years ago
  Xuefer 563cbeedd2 disable ext subdir testing unless env TEST_EXT is set 7 years ago
  Xuefer eb93629a01 leaks often come from php, disable unless needed 7 years ago
  Xuefer 52a1e4b242 refcount could be increase, use -1/2 to keep away from 0 in both direction (either ++ or --) 7 years ago
  Xuefer bd30aa1975 readonly protection for copied array, with jmp_addr fixed 7 years ago
  Xuefer 0190cbdce1 undo readonly protection support for array until fixed 7 years ago
  Xuefer e715a91978 readonly protection for copied array 7 years ago
  Xuefer f46ace6822 adds tests for shallow copy 7 years ago
  Xuefer 8cf65a5bcd adds skips for test 7 years ago
  Xuefer c383d75c51 undo wrong change 7 years ago
  Xuefer 2492dcb0ad possible fix for #324 7 years ago
  Xuefer 9e88b0280f make use of SRC/DST widely 7 years ago
  Xuefer 1ca0e24ee3 adds deep copy test 7 years ago
  Xuefer 179c9cd834 use config.h correctly wherever needed 7 years ago
  Xuefer d09d60607e dont dlunload for leak symbols 7 years ago
  Xuefer 03f13d37cf admin: make mkpassword.php easier for noob 7 years ago
  Xuefer 638209cbf9 Decompiler: fixes #318 (support for const in static array index/value) 7 years ago
  Xuefer 0158af3733 update decompile sample 7 years ago
  Xuefer c214a532db closes #327: Duplicate ++LOOPCOUNTER 7 years ago
  Xuefer 22523476be closes #326: opcode spec info updates for 5.4+ 7 years ago
  Xuefer c7a1b68ae3 reformat ChangeLog/NEWS 7 years ago
  Xuefer 1267e8bb4f fixes #323: refix locking impl for threaded env 7 years ago
  Xuefer 2c719b5b6a ws fix 7 years ago
  Xuefer ca6276ae08 cygwin hack unlink should be cygwin only 7 years ago
  Xuefer 4f282ad3d5 fix typo, improve readability of NEWS/ChangeLog 7 years ago
  Xuefer c82846312a processor: fix warning 7 years ago
  Xuefer bc8bb5d652 Optimizer: remove unused var 7 years ago
  Xuefer c60e172d3a fixed #320: void warning for gcc only pragma 7 years ago
  Xuefer ace3be11f8 avoid confusion in configure option 7 years ago
  Xuefer 68de62de57 decompiler: more sample templating trick 7 years ago
  Xuefer a0217c2654 Decompiler: support for const in static array index; TODO: PHP 5.0- support for static array 7 years ago
  Xuefer 2ba9c1223a Decompiler: strip namespace in const array 7 years ago
  Xuefer 6409eb5aef cacher: fixes #228, enable var caching for cli 7 years ago
  Xuefer b3c077134b Decompiler: multiple catch support for PHP 5.1- 7 years ago
  Xuefer c3ecacac4e Decompiler: multiple catch support for PHP 5.1- 7 years ago
  Xuefer 70c75c5277 phpdop: show jumpouts/jmpins 7 years ago
  Xuefer f55cf8f36a devel: dont symlink non-existing file 7 years ago
  Xuefer ef01ec91e8 devel: fix yield sample for decompile test 7 years ago
  Xuefer df7065accb Decompiler: update PHP4 support for static method call 7 years ago
  Xuefer e8600f7d4a devel: use cpp to generate samples for different php version 7 years ago
  Xuefer f77dead6de Decompiler: support for yield generator 7 years ago
  Xuefer d5e4348353 code clean up 7 years ago
  Xuefer 9c0219add7 separate PHP 4/5 decompile sample 7 years ago