1290 Commits (trunk)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Xuefer 6f52434277 Decompiler: separate/rewrite output code 6 years ago
  Xuefer 0feb144366 Decompiler/dump: fix undefined vars 6 years ago
  Xuefer d44a7f3f62 Decompiler: dump op if range error 6 years ago
  Xuefer 291b8819fa devel: support sample cpp for dboth/dop 6 years ago
  Xuefer 6de0d86846 Decompiler: adds eol for help 6 years ago
  Xuefer 63e3a815da Decompiler: remove unused unsetArray() used by __LINE__ 6 years ago
  Xuefer 8f8ebf1627 sample: remove __LINE__ 6 years ago
  Xuefer 7c3f8c2f53 Decompiler: fix value2constant for NULL 6 years ago
  Xuefer 8207e0771c Decompiler: fix switch with expression as case value 6 years ago
  Xuefer 4550ff7f06 sample: enclose code in function for opcode to be more readable 6 years ago
  Xuefer 6a6f5e55b7 Decompiler: gc after dfunction() 6 years ago
  Xuefer f8fcfdfccb Decompiler: show progress on big op array 6 years ago
  Xuefer a2bc018e99 Decompiler/dump: adaptive padding for op line number 6 years ago
  Xuefer c62abcbe2e Decompiler: allow UTF-8 strings 6 years ago
  Xuefer 9dd3893b1a Decompiler: fix abstract method args 6 years ago
  Xuefer bb20ce8273 Decompiler: move $EX into Decompiler 6 years ago
  Xuefer a49b89f508 Decompiler: remove __LINE__ mapping which is unstable 6 years ago
  Xuefer c3ce9a2d5b Decompiler: show opline number in error 6 years ago
  Xuefer a3c1abfd2b Decompiler: fix typo for PHP_EOL 6 years ago
  Xuefer 86be121923 Decompiler: (PHP_5_3+) support for const, fix __DIR__ __FILE__ __CLASS__ for class const 6 years ago
  Xuefer 0ea8e3c247 Decompiler: rewrite complex block decompiler into functions 6 years ago
  Xuefer ade274ea0f Decompiler: mark jmpouts for BRK/CONT, unmark after decompiled with complex block 6 years ago
  Xuefer 813986f735 Decompiler: (PHP_5_6) support for POW(**) 6 years ago
  Xuefer 7942b78ff7 Decompiler: show removed opcode in comment 6 years ago
  Xuefer a767eaaecd Decompiler: BinaryOp UnaryOp, TernaryOp 6 years ago
  Xuefer 6e3cb406f7 Decompiler: between before dynamic class and previous block 6 years ago
  Xuefer 3aed197bd3 Decompiler: escape 8bit and control chars and \t 6 years ago
  Xuefer 8c23a1d08c Decompiler: f(&$v) no long validate since PHP_5_4 6 years ago
  Xuefer c3ed03701b sample: remove \ from namespace sample 6 years ago
  Xuefer b1c2e3462d sample: remove echo , which wont be indentical as decompiled 6 years ago
  Xuefer 828ca4e4c5 Decompiler: remove '' . and . '' for string constant 6 years ago
  Xuefer 8a8428b9a8 Decompiler: fix missing else with only 1 opcode 6 years ago
  Xuefer 29e6904ec5 Decompiler: fix array(&$ref) 6 years ago
  Xuefer 3e8255b2a7 Decompiler: fix namespace of implements 6 years ago
  Xuefer 4fa6d95cdc Decompiler: namespace is case insense 6 years ago
  Xuefer 2fade1672b Decompiler: support for RETURN_BY_REF 6 years ago
  Xuefer b72c808ac6 Decompiler: move TODO warning to comment 6 years ago
  Xuefer 5810aaf23e Decompiler: ignore line number 0 6 years ago
  Xuefer f53d355d1a Decompiler: use range for buildJmpInfo 6 years ago
  Xuefer dbfec9ee56 Decompiler: simplify code by using op.line 6 years ago
  Xuefer 88d5782223 Decompiler: make op.line out of build jmpinfo 6 years ago
  Xuefer 08795e53d2 Decompiler/dump: dumpOp shows line 6 years ago
  Xuefer 2fd12a1c29 Decompiler/dump: dump without Ts 6 years ago
  Xuefer b1ed91cbb8 Decompiler/dump: show = after result, not > before result 6 years ago
  Xuefer 3da52fc978 Decompiler/dump: space between op 6 years ago
  Xuefer 6e21470dc7 Decompiler/dump: dont decompile for dump 6 years ago
  Xuefer 7a054d0272 Decompiler/dump: dont print backtrace for dump 6 years ago
  Xuefer 59b05b09ca Decompiler/dump: dump op in comment 6 years ago
  Xuefer f5ebb4cb24 Decompiler/dump: remove unused code used for phpdop 6 years ago
  Xuefer c01538d0ba disassemble: fix processor for double, yet the code is not used for dasm for now 6 years ago