An open and free bittorrent tracker
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Dirk Engling 31c2a9fe03 Make allowing gzip a Makefile tunable 15 years ago
Makefile Make allowing gzip a Makefile tunable 15 years ago
README Move stats out of opentracker.c, also have an own file handle udp requests. 15 years ago
README_v6 account downloaded before early returns 16 years ago
opentracker.c Last user of sendmmapdata is gone. Purge it. 15 years ago
ot_accesslist.c static bufs are not shared anymore, even if that means more memory. 15 years ago
ot_accesslist.h Moving accesslist stuff to its own object 15 years ago
ot_clean.c Make clean_single_torrent return much faster, if nothing is to do 15 years ago
ot_clean.h Formatting 15 years ago
ot_fullscrape.c Documentation fix 15 years ago
ot_fullscrape.h Fullscrape now cleanly finalizes its thread 15 years ago
ot_iovec.c Rather embarrasing arithmetic fuckup 15 years ago
ot_iovec.h Return at end of line missing 15 years ago
ot_mutex.c Tested for a too strict condition, we do need the correct tasktype AND an empty taskid, not the other way around 15 years ago
ot_mutex.h Split sync in and sync out into different tasks 15 years ago
ot_stats.c Stats are tasks now. 15 years ago
ot_stats.h Stats are tasks now. 15 years ago
ot_sync.c Make sync generation multithreaded. 15 years ago
ot_sync.h Reflect changes in multithreaded sync model in header file. 15 years ago
ot_udp.c static bufs are not shared anymore, even if that means more memory. 15 years ago
ot_udp.h Missing newline warning, missing include fixed 15 years ago
ot_vector.c No one can get access to buckets now without locking them. Also split up the trackerlogic.c-monster in functional sub-units. HEADS UP: this code is untested and not considered stable. 15 years ago
ot_vector.h Formatting 15 years ago
scan_urlencoded_query.c I accidently put space on the list of non-terminating characters... 15 years ago
scan_urlencoded_query.h Save a lot of work when skipping through uninteresting http request parameters 15 years ago Gimmi Beer! 15 years ago
trackerlogic.c Fixing mmap allocation went to ot_mutex.c. Also startup new sync thread. 15 years ago
trackerlogic.h Fixing mmap allocation went to ot_mutex.c. Clean all torrents moved to ot_clean.c. Also make static buffers static 15 years ago


This is opentracker. An open bittorrent tracker.

You need libowfat (

Steps to go:

cvs -d -z9 co libowfat
cd libowfat
cd ..
cvs co opentracker
cd opentracker

This tracker is open in a sense that everyone announcing a torrent is welcome to do so and will be informed about anyone else announcing the same torrent. Unless
-DWANT_IP_FROM_QUERY_STRING is enabled (which is meant for debugging purposes only), only source IPs are accepted. The tracker implements a minimal set of
essential features only but was able respond to far more than 10000 requests per second on a Sun Fire 2200 M2 (thats where we found no more clients able to fire
more of our script).

Some tweaks you may want to try under FreeBSD:

sysctl kern.ipc.somaxconn=1024
sysctl kern.ipc.nmbclusters=32768
sysctl net.inet.tcp.msl=10000
sysctl kern.maxfiles=10240

License information:

Although the libowfat library is under GPL, Felix von Leitner aggreed that the compiled binary may be distributed under the same beer ware license as the source code for opentracker. However, we like to hear from happy customers.