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Dirk Engling eea5c628de make full scrapes a bit faster, increase checkback time for udp 2007-03-10 15:39:19 +00:00
Dirk Engling b82e06fc9b Port is a short, not a long 2007-03-08 01:24:47 +00:00
Dirk Engling b506cb39a9 Sanify handling of server sockets 2007-03-07 22:19:00 +00:00
Dirk Engling 622e34f2b0 udp is working in theory, return_peers_for_torrent accepts a switch to request an udp answer. Fixed prototypes. 2007-03-06 19:43:47 +00:00
Dirk Engling 123ca420a8 Can now handle multiple ips/ports, can BIND to udp ports but not yet handle them, now checks if event=completed comes with left=0 and drops it, if it doesnt 2007-03-05 21:14:36 +00:00
Dirk Engling b283462534 zero copy sockets do only work on page aligned buffers for page sized blocks. So remove the code that tried to take advantage of false assuming, it would work on any buffer 2007-02-03 16:19:59 +00:00
Denis Ahrens 6117e68584 fixed the last commit. now it really counts the scrapes and fullscrapes 2007-02-02 21:15:46 +00:00
Denis Ahrens fa7f089536 add the scrapes to the valid requests (blue mrtg line) 2007-02-01 15:35:01 +00:00
Dirk Engling b0eee67849 el cheapo vector debugging 2007-02-01 13:51:39 +00:00
Dirk Engling b518c4809a Use multiple output buffers to try to avoid copy on write when unnecessary 2007-02-01 13:30:58 +00:00
Dirk Engling bd5f75f1a6 Try to shake off too stupid clients by sending an Bittorrent error rather than an HTTP 400 2007-01-31 09:58:32 +00:00
Dirk Engling 158ce4d616 Use signed size_t wherever appropriate 2007-01-31 09:50:46 +00:00
Dirk Engling e2d15c9c4b size_t cant get < 0 and thus wont report errors 2007-01-31 02:19:17 +00:00
Dirk Engling d299bd4937 provide mrtg with more sane strings 2007-01-29 13:41:04 +00:00
Dirk Engling 8fc31f7e29 We now answer as soon as the first \n is seen
We do not copy input buffer to socket's input array anymore, if we find \n in first buffer
We simplified parsing of input string
We removed asserts that were needed to debug negative seeder counts
We split static input and output buffers for obvious reasons
We enlarged static output buffer to prepare multi scrape functionality
We removed -lm from Makefile, this lib was only needed, when our random algorithm worked on floats
We close fds now that come with an empty iocookie into write loop, those don't make sense
We documented query string parser in opentracker.c a lot better to help auditing
2007-01-29 02:02:03 +00:00
Dirk Engling 8f1d76e65e complete_D_ ... ECODERTOODUMB 2007-01-27 17:13:53 +00:00
Dirk Engling 342e3a25c0 account downloaded before early returns 2007-01-27 16:06:13 +00:00
Dirk Engling cbd2a8f8f8 announce.php and scrape.php are now being handled 2007-01-26 18:09:14 +00:00
Dirk Engling 96e5b5a076 Introduce another unspec'd command: sync which syncs the most recent peer pool for a torrent out. Do some variable type clean up. Do some code structure clean up. 2007-01-26 16:26:49 +00:00
Dirk Engling 0f85392889 return random check back intervals to our clients 2007-01-25 14:16:26 +00:00
Dirk Engling 94b94106c3 Code cleanup reindenting 2007-01-24 22:23:18 +00:00
Denis Ahrens 1e471b0826 backout Revision 1.67 2007-01-24 21:06:19 +00:00
Denis Ahrens 4b1d9edf58 workaround for some weird requests 2007-01-24 20:48:25 +00:00
Denis Ahrens b78c6a989a Denis wanted scrapes and erdgeist didnt give it :) 2007-01-24 20:20:07 +00:00
Denis Ahrens f85444542e Copy request before expanding url-encoded bytes 2007-01-24 20:13:30 +00:00
Dirk Engling 2746c1d258 Debugging for failed requests. 2007-01-24 12:56:15 +00:00
Dirk Engling d2aa76a80b Count successful announces extra 2007-01-23 15:48:51 +00:00
Dirk Engling d880646196 FD-debug also in new iob_send path 2007-01-20 14:11:53 +00:00
Dirk Engling c5d5867900 Full scrape, kinda tested 2007-01-20 11:13:30 +00:00
Denis Ahrens 1a5952c3ee increase the timeout to make the ride a little smoother for some clients 2007-01-20 02:50:33 +00:00
Dirk Engling 27199ad1c3 -m64 is not usually a correct compile option 2007-01-20 01:50:28 +00:00
Dirk Engling 0210ea5d90 Debug file descriptors 2007-01-19 17:50:35 +00:00
Denis Ahrens e4323e3fe2 *seuftz* 2007-01-19 03:21:02 +00:00
Denis Ahrens 6d049b33d3 set the interval to 1800 for announce (last change was only for scrape) 2007-01-19 03:19:12 +00:00
Dirk Engling f05ed877ed From now the OT_CLIENT_TIMEOUT will be enforced, even if some data arrived inside this interval 2007-01-18 13:06:49 +00:00
Dirk Engling d3b93762fa Tidied main loop do accept() and read() before timeout() 2007-01-18 12:27:17 +00:00
Dirk Engling 003d5a52a2 Give our server some air to check for timedout connections 2007-01-18 02:40:18 +00:00
Dirk Engling 7df1f66840 Rearranged code to try to read data as soon as socket is accepted, also raise backlog for listening socket 2007-01-18 02:23:18 +00:00
Dirk Engling cc07b8ca2c Simple top5 by peers/seeders table 2007-01-17 11:51:55 +00:00
Dirk Engling f51335b9b8 Rudimentary stats 2007-01-16 02:57:32 +00:00
Dirk Engling 7fd4de2dfc Do some timeout checking on the first possible moment 2007-01-16 01:57:06 +00:00
Dirk Engling 03b2e45e0a Previous answer to event=stopped irritated some clients. Now reply with a static nothing-message 2007-01-16 01:35:10 +00:00
Dirk Engling add4de97bf Cast types for mrtg_scrape sprintf 2007-01-14 20:22:59 +00:00
Dirk Engling 6d25d0681f Drop permission, if we can 2007-01-14 20:15:04 +00:00
Dirk Engling afa05fad96 Documentation improved, some reindenting (again), variable types checked, unnecessary defines removed 2007-01-11 01:06:10 +00:00
Dirk Engling 400c9a4d6f Ignore SIGPIPE. This is safe, since it only raises, when the remote site died before we could send our paket back and is catched by write() returning -1 2007-01-10 16:42:39 +00:00
Dirk Engling f5f4c3e2ce Fixed a bug where I didn't replace new buffer pointer after realloc. Fixed a bug where I didnt copy enough memory when shrinking vectors. Now save some extra bytes in header. 2007-01-09 06:30:37 +00:00
Dirk Engling ea9970f77a Now we also check, if no io happens 2007-01-08 05:23:04 +00:00
Dirk Engling b51bbd6a4f Some code spacifying. Added actually checking timeouts. 2007-01-08 05:18:53 +00:00
Dirk Engling 6510d31887 Indent. Sorry. Plus timeout on every connection, for every byte we got. 2007-01-08 00:57:35 +00:00