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.TH io_trywritetimeout 3
io_trywritetimeout \- write to a descriptor without blocking
.B #include <io.h>
int \fBio_trywritetimeout\fP(int64 fd,const char* buf,int64 len);
io_trywritetimeout is identical to io_trywrite, with the following
exception: if
.RS 0
.IP \[bu] 3
io_trywrite returns -1 (the descriptor is not ready for writing), and
.IP \[bu]
the descriptor has a timeout, and
.IP \[bu]
the write attempt was after the descriptor's timeout,
then io_trywritetimeout instead returns -2, with errno set to ETIMEDOUT.
io_nonblock(3), io_waitwrite(3), io_trywrite(3)