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.TH fmt_pad 3
fmt_pad \- pad a string with spaces.
.B #include <fmt.h>
size_t \fBfmt_pad\fP(char *\fIdest\fR, const char *\fIsource\fR,
size_t \fIsrclen\fR, size_t \fIpadlen\fR,
size_t \fImaxlen\fR);
fmt_pad writes \fIpadlen\fR-\fIsrclen\fR spaces (if that number is
positive) and then \fIsrclen\fR characters from \fIsource\fR. It
truncates the output only if the length would exceed \fImaxlen\fR.
It returns the number of bytes it wrote.
fmt_pad does not append \\0.
If \fIdest\fR equals FMT_LEN (i.e. is zero), fmt_pad returns the number
of bytes it would have written.
fmt_strn(3), fmt_fill(3)