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/* this header file comes from libowfat, */
#ifndef CDB_MAKE_H
#define CDB_MAKE_H
#include <libowfat/buffer.h>
#include <libowfat/uint64.h>
#include <libowfat/uint32.h>
#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {
#define CDB_HPLIST 1000
struct cdb_hp { uint32 h; uint32 p; } ;
struct cdb_hplist {
struct cdb_hp hp[CDB_HPLIST];
struct cdb_hplist *next;
int num;
} ;
struct cdb_make {
char bspace[8192];
char final[2048];
uint32 count[256];
uint32 start[256];
struct cdb_hplist *head;
struct cdb_hp *split; /* includes space for hash */
struct cdb_hp *hash;
uint32 numentries;
buffer b;
uint32 pos;
int64 fd;
} ;
extern int cdb_make_start(struct cdb_make *,int64);
extern int cdb_make_addbegin(struct cdb_make *, size_t, size_t);
extern int cdb_make_addend(struct cdb_make *, size_t, size_t, uint32);
extern int cdb_make_add(struct cdb_make *, const unsigned char *, size_t, const unsigned char *, size_t);
extern int cdb_make_finish(struct cdb_make *);
#ifdef __cplusplus