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#ifndef DNS_H
#define DNS_H
#include "stralloc.h"
#include "iopause.h"
#include "taia.h"
#define DNS_C_IN "\0\1"
#define DNS_C_ANY "\0\377"
#define DNS_T_A "\0\1"
#define DNS_T_NS "\0\2"
#define DNS_T_CNAME "\0\5"
#define DNS_T_SOA "\0\6"
#define DNS_T_PTR "\0\14"
#define DNS_T_HINFO "\0\15"
#define DNS_T_MX "\0\17"
#define DNS_T_TXT "\0\20"
#define DNS_T_RP "\0\21"
#define DNS_T_SIG "\0\30"
#define DNS_T_KEY "\0\31"
#define DNS_T_AAAA "\0\34"
#define DNS_T_AXFR "\0\374"
#define DNS_T_ANY "\0\377"
struct dns_transmit {
char *query; /* 0, or dynamically allocated */
unsigned int querylen;
char *packet; /* 0, or dynamically allocated */
unsigned int packetlen;
int s1; /* 0, or 1 + an open file descriptor */
int tcpstate;
unsigned int udploop;
unsigned int curserver;
struct taia deadline;
unsigned int pos;
const char *servers;
char localip[16];
unsigned int scope_id;
char qtype[2];
} ;
void dns_random_init(const char *);
unsigned int dns_random(unsigned int);
void dns_sortip(char *,unsigned int);
void dns_sortip6(char *,unsigned int);
void dns_domain_free(char **);
int dns_domain_copy(char **,const char *);
unsigned int dns_domain_length(const char *);
int dns_domain_equal(const char *,const char *);
int dns_domain_suffix(const char *,const char *);
unsigned int dns_domain_suffixpos(const char *,const char *);
int dns_domain_fromdot(char **,const char *,unsigned int);
int dns_domain_todot_cat(stralloc *,const char *);
unsigned int dns_packet_copy(const char *,unsigned int,unsigned int,char *,unsigned int);
unsigned int dns_packet_getname(const char *,unsigned int,unsigned int,char **);
unsigned int dns_packet_skipname(const char *,unsigned int,unsigned int);
int dns_transmit_start(struct dns_transmit *,const char *,int,const char *,const char *,const char *);
void dns_transmit_free(struct dns_transmit *);
void dns_transmit_io(struct dns_transmit *,iopause_fd *,struct taia *);
int dns_transmit_get(struct dns_transmit *,const iopause_fd *,const struct taia *);
int dns_resolvconfip(char *);
int dns_resolve(const char *,const char *);
extern struct dns_transmit dns_resolve_tx;
int dns_ip4_packet(stralloc *,const char *,unsigned int);
int dns_ip4(stralloc *,const stralloc *);
int dns_ip6_packet(stralloc *,const char *,unsigned int);
int dns_ip6(stralloc *,stralloc *);
int dns_name_packet(stralloc *,const char *,unsigned int);
void dns_name4_domain(char *,const char *);
#define DNS_NAME4_DOMAIN 31
int dns_name4(stralloc *,const char *);
int dns_txt_packet(stralloc *,const char *,unsigned int);
int dns_txt(stralloc *,const stralloc *);
int dns_mx_packet(stralloc *,const char *,unsigned int);
int dns_mx(stralloc *,const stralloc *);
int dns_resolvconfrewrite(stralloc *);
int dns_ip4_qualify_rules(stralloc *,stralloc *,const stralloc *,const stralloc *);
int dns_ip4_qualify(stralloc *,stralloc *,const stralloc *);
int dns_ip6_qualify_rules(stralloc *,stralloc *,const stralloc *,const stralloc *);
int dns_ip6_qualify(stralloc *,stralloc *,const stralloc *);
void dns_name6_domain(char *,const char *);
#define DNS_NAME6_DOMAIN (4*16+11)
int dns_name6(stralloc *,const char *);