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#include "scan.h"
size_t scan_asn1derlength(const char* src,size_t len,unsigned long long* length) {
const char* orig=src;
const char* max=orig+len;
if (src>=max) return 0;
/* If the highest bit of the first byte is clear, the byte is the length.
* Otherwise the next n bytes are the length (n being the lower 7 bits) */
if (*src&0x80) {
int chars=*src&0x7f;
unsigned long long l=0;
while (chars>0) {
if (++src>=max) return 0;
if (l>(((unsigned long long)-1)>>8)) return 0; /* catch integer overflow */
l=l*256+(unsigned char)*src;
} else
if (src+*length>max) return 0; /* catch integer overflow */
if ((uintptr_t)src+*length<(uintptr_t)src) return 0; /* gcc 4.1 removes this check without the cast to uintptr_t */
return src-orig;