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.TH buffer_getn 3
buffer_getn \- read binary data from buffer
.B #include <buffer.h>
int \fBbuffer_getn\fP(buffer* \fIb\fR,char* \fIx\fR,unsigned int \fIlen\fR);
buffer_getn copies data to \fIx\fR[0], \fIx\fR[1], ...,
\fIx\fR[\fIlen\fR-1] from the buffer, calling buffer_feed as needed, and
returns \fIlen\fR.
If a read error occurs, buffer_getn returns -1 and sets \fIerrno\fR
appropriately. It may then have put any number between 0 and \fIlen\fR
in the buffer, you can't tell. That makes this function only useful if
you don't care when an error occurs. Use buffer_get otherwise.
If the read operation signals end-of-file before \fIlen\fR bytes were
read, buffer_getn returns the number of bytes read from the buffer
before end-of-file.
buffer_init(3), buffer_get(3), buffer(3)