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libowfat is a library of general purpose APIs extracted from Dan
Bernstein's software, reimplemented and covered by the GNU General
Public License Version 2 (no later versions).
The API has been slightly extended (for example, I provide a uint32_read
function, and I extended the socket API to support IPv6) where I found
it necessary or beneficial in a specific project.
Many of the functions I implement here have since been placed in the
public domain, so there are other sources to get this code (except for
my extensions obviously). The implementations here may not be as
portable as the original versions; I tend to focus on the Single Unix
Specification and not on some obsolete legacy systems found in the
basements of some vintage hardware clubs.
I also provide man pages for many functions, mostly extracted from Dan's
web documentation or documentation found in earlier versions of his
software. For some reason, he abandoned man pages in favor of HTML
On July 4 2002, Dan also placed his DNS routines and supporting
low level functions in the public domain, so I copy them here instead of
reimplementing them.
has an online version of the bugtraq posting.
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