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36 lines
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#include "byte.h"
#include "buffer.h"
#include "scan.h"
#include <string.h> /* for memccpy */
ssize_t buffer_get_token(buffer* b,char* x,size_t len,const char* charset,size_t setlen) {
size_t blen;
if ((ssize_t)len<0) len=(ssize_t)(((size_t)-1)>>1);
if (setlen==1) {
for (blen=0; blen<len; ) {
ssize_t n=buffer_feed(b);
char* d;
if (n<=0) return blen;
if (n>(ssize_t)(len-blen)) n=len-blen;
if ((d=memccpy(x+blen,b->x+b->p,(unsigned char)charset[0],n))) {
/* memccpy returns a pointer to the next char after matching
* char or NULL if it copied all bytes it was asked for */
return d-x-1;
} else {
for (blen=0;blen<len;++blen) {
register ssize_t r;
if ((r=buffer_getc(b,x))<0) return r;
if (r==0) { *x=0; break; }
if (byte_chr(charset,setlen,*x)<setlen) break;
return (ssize_t)blen;