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#ifndef TAI_H
#define TAI_H
#include "uint64.h"
struct tai {
uint64 x;
} ;
#define tai_unix(t,u) ((void) ((t)->x = 4611686018427387914ULL + (uint64) (u)))
extern void tai_now(struct tai *);
#define tai_approx(t) ((double) ((t)->x))
extern void tai_add(struct tai *,const struct tai *,const struct tai *);
extern void tai_sub(struct tai *,const struct tai *,const struct tai *);
#define tai_less(t,u) ((t)->x < (u)->x)
#define TAI_PACK 8
extern void tai_pack(char *,const struct tai *);
extern void tai_unpack(const char *,struct tai *);
extern void tai_uint(struct tai *,unsigned int);