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Felix von Leitner 2e87886163 further Windoze support (test/io5.c works, gatling still doesn't)
This is just to get gatling to work, I may remove it again after
2005-09-09 22:12:23 +00:00
Felix von Leitner 4653054e12 add -D_REENTRANT to CFLAGS so libowfat can be used in multi-threaded
2005-09-02 21:11:58 +00:00
Felix von Leitner f4cfcbe6c6 remove gcc4-only warning option 2005-05-03 12:14:29 +00:00
Felix von Leitner 61a51950d4 add iob_free and man page for iob_reset.
check in some windoze compat crap (still does not compile through for
2005-03-08 14:56:36 +00:00
Felix von Leitner f2d7a6b264 add iob_write (send io batch through callback, e.g. for SSL) 2004-11-25 23:01:44 +00:00