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Felix von Leitner a8fb810465 io_close resets the cookie 2005-09-02 21:52:22 +00:00
Felix von Leitner 61a51950d4 add iob_free and man page for iob_reset.
check in some windoze compat crap (still does not compile through for
2005-03-08 14:56:36 +00:00
Felix von Leitner 4f27d99c9d speculative pre-emptive freebsd 4 compatibility ;) 2004-02-21 17:27:42 +00:00
Felix von Leitner 5e4484722d use mmap on BSD without sendfile 2003-11-15 00:11:24 +00:00
Felix von Leitner 8c30d167c6 epoll now works enough for test/io5 2003-09-06 01:36:50 +00:00
Felix von Leitner 2e1b8aef8e more BSD compat 2003-09-06 00:04:57 +00:00
Felix von Leitner 092b5f860b write a small socket server with io_wait integration and add and debug
io framework enough to support the test program
2003-09-05 22:59:40 +00:00
Felix von Leitner bb3243fbe2 beginnings of the io library 2003-09-02 00:14:04 +00:00