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Felix von Leitner da9ef2552b be backwards compatible to legacy BSD constant naming 2004-02-25 17:11:26 +00:00
Felix von Leitner 187ff0573c add routines to scan and output ipv6 addresses with %eth0 notation.
also add compat formatting routines that will output v4-mapped addresses
  as ipv4 addresses
2003-12-05 19:53:59 +00:00
Felix von Leitner d0cc758bf8 broken lose32 port using mingw (don't use!!!)
initial Solaris /dev/poll port
2003-11-06 20:47:59 +00:00
Felix von Leitner d406554aa0 even more stuff 2001-02-05 19:06:12 +00:00