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13 Commits (acd4fab98678bff01a384d60b99396a4e498b5bb)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Felix von Leitner 645ecc0632 add iob_write (to write an io batch through a callback) 2004-11-25 22:55:46 +00:00
Felix von Leitner c7adf4e307 add io_readwritefile, io_appendfile 2004-05-10 20:08:38 +00:00
Felix von Leitner ec2f230bb4 add fd passing functions 2004-02-27 14:47:31 +00:00
Felix von Leitner 5959a6d634 add io_socketpair 2004-02-27 13:58:17 +00:00
Felix von Leitner eb8b5063a3 minor comment fix 2003-11-26 22:48:46 +00:00
Felix von Leitner 3fb960078f add io_finishandshutdown declaration 2003-11-01 00:09:49 +00:00
Felix von Leitner 7a859cb66e add sigio support
extend code to cope with edge triggered event notification
add io_eagain() so that you can notify io_wait if accept() returned EAGAIN
2003-09-12 22:03:51 +00:00
Felix von Leitner c50a0b25df add iob_adds
add cookies to io
2003-09-10 00:28:51 +00:00
Felix von Leitner ffbd0f895b add io_sendfile with BSD support 2003-09-08 17:36:31 +00:00
Felix von Leitner 092b5f860b write a small socket server with io_wait integration and add and debug
io framework enough to support the test program
2003-09-05 22:59:40 +00:00
Felix von Leitner 4c41a88194 add long long buffer routines
add tai64 and tai6464 typedefs
add error message buffer routines
add io timeout routines
2003-09-05 21:09:14 +00:00
Felix von Leitner bb3243fbe2 beginnings of the io library 2003-09-02 00:14:04 +00:00
Felix von Leitner c3d62bbd0c add int64 type to uint64.h
add io.h as per
2003-08-03 22:24:32 +00:00