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Felix von Leitner 2007-08-24 21:30:55 +00:00
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commit fa8217b6ed
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@ -482,6 +482,8 @@ fmt_hexdump.o: textcode/fmt_hexdump.c fmt.h textcode.h str.h haveinline.h
fmt_html.o: textcode/fmt_html.c fmt.h textcode.h str.h haveinline.h
fmt_ldapescape.o: textcode/fmt_ldapescape.c fmt.h textcode.h haveinline.h \
fmt_ldapescape2.o: textcode/fmt_ldapescape2.c fmt.h textcode.h \
fmt_quotedprintable.o: textcode/fmt_quotedprintable.c fmt.h textcode.h \
haveinline.h str.h
fmt_to_array.o: textcode/fmt_to_array.c array.h uint64.h textcode.h