add stralloc_init prototype

Felix von Leitner 2002-10-22 13:24:34 +00:00
parent dd78faa2cb
commit ebecdcd9cd
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@ -13,6 +13,11 @@ typedef struct stralloc {
unsigned int a;
} stralloc;
/* stralloc_init will initialize a stralloc.
* Previously allocated memory will not be freed; use stralloc_free for
* that. To assign an empty string, use stralloc_copys(sa,""). */
extern void stralloc_init(stralloc* sa);
/* stralloc_ready makes sure that sa has enough space allocated to hold
* len bytes: If sa is not allocated, stralloc_ready allocates at least
* len bytes of space, and returns 1. If sa is already allocated, but