this time "make Makefile" actually produces a Makefile that works on FreeBSD

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Felix von Leitner 2003-10-07 16:40:20 +00:00
parent 91459e21f4
commit bbae4b370b
1 changed files with 11 additions and 7 deletions

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@ -10,7 +10,7 @@ INCLUDEDIR=${prefix}/include
LIBS=byte.a fmt.a scan.a str.a uint.a open.a stralloc.a unix.a socket.a \
buffer.a mmap.a taia.a tai.a dns.a case.a mult.a array.a io.a
buffer.a mmap.a taia.a tai.a dns.a case.a mult.a array.a io.a textcode.a
all: t $(LIBS) libowfat.a
@ -41,7 +41,7 @@ SCAN_OBJS=$(patsubst scan/%.c,%.o,$(wildcard scan/*.c))
STR_OBJS=$(patsubst str/%.c,%.o,$(wildcard str/*.c))
UINT_OBJS=$(patsubst uint/%.c,%.o,$(wildcard uint/*.c))
OPEN_OBJS=$(patsubst open/%.c,%.o,$(wildcard open/*.c))
STRA_OBJS=$(patsubst stralloc/%.c,%.o,$(wildcard stralloc/*.c))
STRALLOC_OBJS=$(patsubst stralloc/%.c,%.o,$(wildcard stralloc/*.c))
UNIX_OBJS=$(patsubst unix/%.c,%.o,$(wildcard unix/*.c))
SOCKET_OBJS=$(patsubst socket/%.c,%.o,$(wildcard socket/*.c))
BUFFER_OBJS=$(patsubst buffer/%.c,%.o,$(wildcard buffer/*.c))
@ -60,7 +60,7 @@ $(FMT_OBJS): fmt.h
$(SCAN_OBJS): scan.h
$(STR_OBJS): str.h
$(UINT_OBJS): uint16.h uint32.h
$(STRA_OBJS): stralloc.h
$(STRALLOC_OBJS): stralloc.h
$(SOCKET_OBJS): socket.h
$(BUFFER_OBJS): buffer.h
$(MMAP_OBJS): mmap.h open.h
@ -87,7 +87,7 @@ scan.a: $(SCAN_OBJS)
str.a: $(STR_OBJS)
uint.a: $(UINT_OBJS)
open.a: $(OPEN_OBJS)
stralloc.a: $(STRA_OBJS)
stralloc.a: $(STRALLOC_OBJS)
unix.a: $(UNIX_OBJS)
socket.a: $(SOCKET_OBJS)
buffer.a: $(BUFFER_OBJS)
@ -101,12 +101,15 @@ array.a: $(ARRAY_OBJS)
mult.a: $(MULT_OBJS)
io.a: $(IO_OBJS)
libowfat.a: $(DNS_OBJS) $(BYTE_OBJS) $(FMT_OBJS) $(SCAN_OBJS) \
libowfat.a: $(ALL_OBJS)
ar cr libowfat.a $(ALL_OBJS)
%.o: %.c
@ -231,5 +234,6 @@ Makefile: GNUmakefile dep libdep
cat dep libdep >> $@
sed -e '1,/stoprip/d' -e 's/ %.c$$//' \
-e 's/^CURNAME=.*/'CURNAME=$(CURNAME)/ < GNUmakefile >> $@
-e 's/ Makefile//' < GNUmakefile >> $@