update Makefile for bsd

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Felix von Leitner 2010-01-19 02:41:34 +00:00
parent 3e6d1953be
commit a16a09c0eb
1 changed files with 17 additions and 3 deletions

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@ -441,6 +441,12 @@ socket_remote4.o: socket/socket_remote4.c windoze.h byte.h socket.h \
uint16.h uint32.h havesl.h havescope.h
socket_remote6.o: socket/socket_remote6.c windoze.h byte.h socket.h \
uint16.h uint32.h ip6.h byte.h haveip6.h uint32.h havesl.h havescope.h
socket_sctp4.o: socket/socket_sctp4.c socket.h uint16.h uint32.h ndelay.h
socket_sctp4b.o: socket/socket_sctp4b.c windoze.h socket.h uint16.h \
uint32.h ndelay.h
socket_sctp6.o: socket/socket_sctp6.c socket.h uint16.h uint32.h ndelay.h
socket_sctp6b.o: socket/socket_sctp6b.c windoze.h haveip6.h socket.h \
uint16.h uint32.h ndelay.h
socket_send4.o: socket/socket_send4.c windoze.h byte.h socket.h uint16.h \
socket_send6.o: socket/socket_send6.c windoze.h byte.h socket.h uint16.h \
@ -651,12 +657,20 @@ uint16.h uint32.h uint64.h open.h textcode.h tai.h taia.h dns.h iopause.h case.h
openreadclose.h readclose.h ndelay.h array.h io.h safemult.h iob.h havealloca.h \
errmsg.h cdb.h cdb_make.h rangecheck.h iarray.h
install: libowfat.a
install -d $(INCLUDEDIR) $(MAN3DIR) $(LIBDIR)
install -d $(INCLUDEDIR)
install -m 644 $(INCLUDES) $(INCLUDEDIR)
install -m 644 $(wildcard */*.3) $(MAN3DIR)
install-lib: libowfat.a
install -d $(LIBDIR)
install -m 644 libowfat.a $(LIBDIR)
install -d $(MAN3DIR)
install -m 644 $(wildcard */*.3) $(MAN3DIR)
install: install-inc install-man install-lib
rm -f $(patsubst %.h,$(INCLUDEDIR)/%.h,$(INCLUDES))
rm -f $(patsubst %.3,$(MAN3DIR)/%.3,$(notdir $(wildcard */*.3)))