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@ -9,5 +9,32 @@ size_t \fBscan_ulong\fP(const char *\fIsrc\fR,unsigned long *\fIdest\fR);
scan_ulong parses an unsigned long integer in decimal ASCII representation
from \fIsrc\fR and writes the result into \fIdest\fR. It returns the
number of bytes read from \fIsrc\fR.
Leading + or - or space (or anything outside of 0-9) is not accepted.
The libc conventions of "023" for octal or "0x23" for hexadecimal are
not supported.
scan_ulong will abort the scan if the next character is not a digit, or
if it is a digit but adding it to the number would lead to an integer
scan_ulong returns the number of characters successfully scanned and
processed from src.
scan_ulong("23",&i) -> i=23, return 2
scan_ulong("+23",&i) -> return 0
scan_ulong("-23",&i) -> return 0
scan_ulong(" 23",&i) -> return 0
scan_ulong("23,42",&i) -> i=23, return 2
scan_ulong("023",&i) -> i=23, return 3
scan_ulong("0x23",&i) -> i=0, return 1
scan_ulong("4294967296",&i" -> i=429496729, return 9 // 32-bit system
scan_xlong(3), scan_8long(3), fmt_ulong(3)