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@ -4,7 +4,7 @@ io_fd \- prepare descriptor for io_wait
.B #include <io.h>
void \fBio_fd\fP(int64 fd);
int \fBio_fd\fP(int64 fd);
If you want to use io_canread() and io_canwrite() on a descriptor, you
have to use io_wait() on it first, and io_wait() has to know which
@ -15,5 +15,7 @@ io_pipe and io_socketpair already call io_fd for you.
Waiting on descriptors only works for sockets, fifos and pipes. It may
also work on devices and TTYs, but that is platform dependent -- you
should not rely on that. It does not work on files.
io_fd returns 1 on success, 0 on error.
io_wait(3), io_wantread(3), io_canread(3), io_eagain(3), io_nonblock(3)