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.TH bs_capacityassert 3
bs_capacityassert \- assert that there are least n bytes left in the stream
.B #include <libowfat/parse.h>
int \fBbs_capacityassert\fR(struct bytestream* &\fIbs\fR,
size_t \fIcapacity\fR);
bs_capacityassert will check that there are at least this many bytes in
the bytestream. If there are not, it will set the bytestream to the
error state and return 0; otherwise it will return 1.
Note that this compares against the limits of the bytestream, not the
actual length. These are often the same, but bytestreams can be tied
to a buffer*, in which case the actual length of the stream is not known
beforehand. Even if bs_capacityassert returns successful, the following
actual reads could still run into an error.
bs_capacitycheck does the same thing but does not set the bytestream to
the error state if there is not enough space.
Us bs_capacityleft to find out how many bytes are left in the bytestream.
bs_nomoredataassert is the inverse assertion.
Use bs_err to find out whether the bytestream is in the error state.
bs_init_membuf(3), bs_init_iobuf(3), bs_init_iobuf_size(3),
bs_init_membuf(3), bs_capacitycheck(3), bs_capacityleft(3),
bs_err(3), bs_nomoredataassert(3)