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2004-02-27 17:04:02 +00:00
.TH io_close 3
io_close \- close a file descriptor
.B #include <io.h>
void \fBio_close\fP(int64 fd);
io_close eliminates the descriptor numbered \fIfd\fR. This usually does not
mean eliminating the object that the descriptor is talking to.
(For example, if a descriptor writes to a named disk file, closing the
descriptor will not remove the file; it simply removes one way of
writing to the file. On the other hand, a pipe disappears as soon as no
descriptors refer to it.)
io_close has no return value; it always succeeds in deallocating the
memory used for the descriptor. If \fIfd\fR is not the number of a
descriptor, io_close has no effect.
io_close() is like close(), but it also removes the descriptor from the
internal io_wait() data structures. If you called io_fd on a
descriptor, you need to use io_close to close it, not just close().
io_wait(3), io_canwrite(3)