Mirror of :pserver:anonymous@cvs.schmorp.de/schmorpforge libev http://software.schmorp.de/pkg/libev.html
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19 lines
501 B

echo '#define VAR(name,decl) name'
echo '#define EV_GENWRAP 1'
cat ev_vars.h
) | cc -E -o - - | perl -ne '
while (<>) {
push @syms, $1 if /(^\w+)/;
print "/* DO NOT EDIT, automatically generated by update_ev_wrap */\n",
"#ifndef EV_WRAP_H\n",
"#define EV_WRAP_H\n",
(map "#define $_ ((loop)->$_)\n", sort @syms),
"#undef EV_WRAP_H\n",
(map "#undef $_\n", @syms),
' >ev_wrap.h