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Revision history for libev, a high-performance and full-featured event loop.
- include more include files on windows to get struct _stati64
(reported by Chris Hulbert).
- add missing #include <io.h> in ev.c on windows (reported by
Matt Tolton).
3.42 Tue Jun 17 12:12:07 CEST 2008
- work around yet another windows bug: FD_SET actually adds fd's
multiple times to the fd_*SET*, despite official MSN docs claiming
otherwise. Reported and well-analysed by Matt Tolton.
- define NFDBITS to 0 when EV_SELECT_IS_WINSOCKET to make it compile
(reported any analysed by Chris Hulbert).
- fix a bug in ev_ebadf (this function is only used to catch
programming errors in the libev user). reported by Matt Tolton.
- fix a bug in fd_intern on win32 (could lead to compile errors
under some circumstances, but would work correctly if it compiles).
reported by Matt Tolton.
- (try to) work around missing lstat on windows.
- pass in the write fd set as except fd set under windows. windows
is so uncontrollably lame that it requires this. this means that
switching off oobinline is not supported (but tcp/ip doesn't
have oob, so that would be stupid anyways.
- use posix module symbol to auto-detect monotonic clock presence
and some other default values.
3.41 Fri May 23 18:42:54 CEST 2008
- work around an obscure bug in winsocket select: if you
provide only empty fd sets then select returns WSAEINVAL. how sucky.
- improve timer scheduling stability and reduce use of time_epsilon.
- use 1-based 2-heap for EV_MINIMAL, simplifies code, reduces
codesize and makes for better cache-efficiency.
- use 3-based 4-heap for !EV_MINIMAL. this makes better use
of cpu cache lines and gives better growth behaviour than
2-based heaps.
- cache timestamp within heap for !EV_MINIMAL, to avoid random
memory accesses.
- document/add EV_USE_4HEAP and EV_HEAP_CACHE_AT.
- fix a potential aliasing issue in ev_timer_again.
- add/document ev_periodic_at, retract direct access to ->at.
- improve ev_stat docs.
- add portability requirements section.
- fix manpage headers etc.
- normalise WSA error codes to lower range on windows.
- add consistency check code that can be called automatically
or on demand to check for internal structures (ev_loop_verify).
3.31 Wed Apr 16 20:45:04 CEST 2008
- added last minute fix for ev_poll.c by Brandon Black.
3.3 Wed Apr 16 19:04:10 CEST 2008
- event_base_loopexit should return 0 on success
(W.C.A. Wijngaards).
- added linux eventfd support.
- try to autodetect epoll and inotify support
by libc header version if not using autoconf.
- new symbols: EV_DEFAULT_UC and EV_DEFAULT_UC_.
- declare functions defined in ev.h as inline if
C99 or gcc are available.
- enable inlining with gcc versions 2 and 3.
- work around broken poll implementations potentially
not clearing revents field in ev_poll (Brandon Black)
(no such systems are known at this time).
- work around a bug in realloc on openbsd and darwin,
also makes the errornous valgrind complaints
go away (noted by various people).
- fix ev_async_pending, add c++ wrapper for ev_async
(based on patch sent by Johannes Deisenhofer.
- add sensible set method to ev::embed.
- made integer constants type int in ev.h.
3.2 Wed Apr 2 17:11:19 CEST 2008
- fix a 64 bit overflow issue in the select backend,
by using fd_mask instead of int for the mask.
- rename internal sighandler to avoid clash with very old perls.
- entering ev_loop will not clear the ONESHOT or NONBLOCKING
flags of any outer loops anymore.
- add ev_async_pending.
3.1 Thu Mar 13 13:45:22 CET 2008
- implement ev_async watchers.
- only initialise signal pipe on demand.
- make use of sig_atomic_t configurable.
- improved documentation.
3.0 Mon Jan 28 13:14:47 CET 2008
- API/ABI bump to version 3.0.
- ev++.h includes "ev.h" by default now, not <ev.h>.
- slightly improved documentation.
- speed up signal detection after a fork.
- only optionally return trace status changed in ev_child
- experimental (and undocumented) loop wrappers for ev++.h.
2.01 Tue Dec 25 08:04:41 CET 2007
- separate Changes file.
- fix ev_path_set => ev_stat_set typo.
- remove event_compat.h from the libev tarball.
- change how include files are found.
- doc updates.
- update licenses, explicitly allow for GPL relicensing.
2.0 Sat Dec 22 17:47:03 CET 2007
- new ev_sleep, ev_set_(io|timeout)_collect_interval.
- removed epoll from embeddable fd set.
- fix embed watchers.
- renamed ev_embed.loop to other.
- added exported Symbol tables.
- undefine member wrapper macros at the end of ev.c.
- respect EV_H in ev++.h.
1.86 Tue Dec 18 02:36:57 CET 2007
- fix memleak on loop destroy (not relevant for perl).
1.85 Fri Dec 14 20:32:40 CET 2007
- fix some aliasing issues w.r.t. timers and periodics
(not relevant for perl).
(for historic versions refer to EV/Changes, found in the Perl interface)
0.1 Wed Oct 31 21:31:48 CET 2007
- original version; hacked together in <24h.