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Marc Alexander Lehmann 12 years ago
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@ -243,7 +243,7 @@ the current system, you would need to look at C<ev_embeddable_backends ()
See the description of C<ev_embed> watchers for more info.
=item ev_set_allocator (void *(*cb)(void *ptr, long size)) [NOT REENTRANT]
=item ev_set_allocator (void *(*cb)(void *ptr, long size))
Sets the allocation function to use (the prototype is similar - the
semantics are identical to the C<realloc> C89/SuS/POSIX function). It is
@ -279,7 +279,7 @@ retries (example requires a standards-compliant C<realloc>).
ev_set_allocator (persistent_realloc);
=item ev_set_syserr_cb (void (*cb)(const char *msg)); [NOT REENTRANT]
=item ev_set_syserr_cb (void (*cb)(const char *msg))
Set the callback function to call on a retryable system call error (such
as failed select, poll, epoll_wait). The message is a printable string