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Marc Alexander Lehmann 15 years ago
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@ -2914,11 +2914,11 @@ have to skip roughly seven (C<ld 100>) of these watchers.
That means that changing a timer costs less than removing/adding them
as only the relative motion in the event queue has to be paid for.
=item Starting io/check/prepare/idle/signal/child watchers: O(1)
=item Starting io/check/prepare/idle/signal/child/fork/async watchers: O(1)
These just add the watcher into an array or at the head of a list.
=item Stopping check/prepare/idle watchers: O(1)
=item Stopping check/prepare/idle/fork/async watchers: O(1)
=item Stopping an io/signal/child watcher: O(number_of_watchers_for_this_(fd/signal/pid % EV_PID_HASHSIZE))
@ -2946,6 +2946,16 @@ priority. When doing priority-based operations, libev usually has to
linearly search all the priorities, but starting/stopping and activating
watchers becomes O(1) w.r.t. prioritiy handling.
=item Sending an ev_async: O(1)
=item Processing ev_async_send: O(number_of_async_watchers)
=item Processing signals: O(max_signal_number)
Sending involves a syscall I<iff> there were no other C<ev_async_send>
calls in the current loop iteration. Checking for async and signal events
involves iterating over all running async watchers or all signal numbers.