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@ -2,10 +2,9 @@ Revision history for libev, a high-performance and full-featured event loop.
TODO: ev_loop_wakeup
TODO: EV_STANDALONE == NO_HASSEL (do not use clock_gettime in ev_standalone)
TODO: document WSA_EV_USE_SOCKET in win32 part
TODO: ^ OR use WSASend/WSARecv on the handle, which always works
TODO: faq, process a thing in each iteration
TODO: dbeugging tips, ev_verify, ev_init twice
- queueing pending watchers of higher priority from a watcher now invokes
them in a timely fashion (reported by Denis Bilenko).
- add throw() to all libev functions that cannot throw exceptions, for
@ -30,6 +29,8 @@ TODO: faq, process a thing in each iteration
- check for io watcher loops in ev_verify, check for the most
common reported usage bug in ev_io_start.
- chose socket vs. WSASocket at compiletime using EV_USE_WSASOCKET.
- always use WSASend/WSARecv directly on windows, hoping that this
works in all cases (unlike read/write/send/recv...).
4.11 Sat Feb 4 19:52:39 CET 2012
- INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE: ev_timer_again now clears the pending status, as

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@ -4366,6 +4366,12 @@ http://modeemi.cs.tut.fi/~flux/software/ocaml\-ev/ <http://modeemi.cs.tut.fi/~fl
Brian Maher has written a partial interface to libev for lua (at the
time of this writing, only \f(CW\*(C`ev_io\*(C'\fR and \f(CW\*(C`ev_timer\*(C'\fR), to be found at
http://github.com/brimworks/lua\-ev <http://github.com/brimworks/lua-ev>.
.IP "Javascript" 4
.IX Item "Javascript"
Node.js (<http://nodejs.org>) uses libev as the underlying event library.
.IP "Others" 4
.IX Item "Others"
There are others, and I stopped counting.
Libev can be compiled with a variety of options, the most fundamental
@ -4670,6 +4676,12 @@ If programs implement their own fd to handle mapping on win32, then this
macro can be used to override the \f(CW\*(C`close\*(C'\fR function, useful to unregister
file descriptors again. Note that the replacement function has to close
the underlying \s-1OS\s0 handle.
If defined to be \f(CW1\fR, libev will use \f(CW\*(C`WSASocket\*(C'\fR to create its internal
communication socket, which works better in some environments. Otherwise,
the normal \f(CW\*(C`socket\*(C'\fR function will be used, which works better in other
.IP "\s-1EV_USE_POLL\s0" 4
If defined to be \f(CW1\fR, libev will compile in support for the \f(CW\*(C`poll\*(C'\fR(2)