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@ -1498,6 +1498,22 @@ to fall back to regular polling again even with inotify, but changes are
usually detected immediately, and if the file exists there will be no
=head3 Inotify
When C<inotify (7)> support has been compiled into libev (generally only
available on Linux) and present at runtime, it will be used to speed up
change detection where possible. The inotify descriptor will be created lazily
when the first C<ev_stat> watcher is being started.
Inotify presense does not change the semantics of C<ev_stat> watchers
except that changes might be detected earlier, and in some cases, to avoid
making regular C<stat> calls. Even in the presense of inotify support
there are many cases where libev has to resort to regular C<stat> polling.
(There is no support for kqueue, as apparently it cannot be used to
implement this functionality, due to the requirement of having a file
descriptor open on the object at all times).
=head3 The special problem of stat time resolution
The C<stat ()> syscall only supports full-second resolution portably, and
@ -1562,6 +1578,8 @@ The filesystem path that is being watched.
=head3 Examples
Example: Watch C</etc/passwd> for attribute changes.
static void