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Marc Alexander Lehmann 14 years ago
parent 8193819a97
commit 58959051f3

@ -4,6 +4,10 @@ TODO: ev_time_freeze, ev_time_thaw
TODO: ev_walk
TODO: ev_stop_all
TODO: fix signal handling(?) under win32
- do not leave the event loop early just because we have no active
watchers, fixing a problem when embedding a kqueue loop
that has active kernel events but no registered watchers
(reported by blacksand blacksand).
- correctly zero the idx values for arrays, so destroying and
reinitialising the default loop actually works (patch by
Malek Hadj-Ali).

@ -1999,9 +1999,6 @@ ev_loop (EV_P_ int flags)
call_pending (EV_A);
if (expect_false (!activecnt))
/* we might have forked, so reify kernel state if necessary */
if (expect_false (postfork))
loop_fork (EV_A);