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@ -2000,6 +2000,24 @@ implement this functionality, due to the requirement of having a file
descriptor open on the object at all times, and detecting renames, unlinks
etc. is difficult.
=head3 C<stat ()> is a synchronous operation
Libev doesn't normally do any kind of I/O itself, and so is not blocking
the process. The exception are C<ev_stat> watchers - those call C<stat
()>, which is a synchronous operation.
For local paths, this usually doesn't matter: unless the system is very
busy or the intervals between stat's are large, a stat call will be fast,
as the path data is suually in memory already (except when starting the
For networked file systems, calling C<stat ()> can block an indefinite
time due to network issues, and even under good conditions, a stat call
often takes multiple milliseconds.
Therefore, it is best to avoid using C<ev_stat> watchers on networked
paths, although this is fully supported by libev.
=head3 The special problem of stat time resolution
The C<stat ()> system call only supports full-second resolution portably,