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Marc Alexander Lehmann 15 years ago
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commit 45c24c27b7

@ -405,6 +405,10 @@ file descriptor per loop iteration. For small and medium numbers of file
descriptors a "slow" C<EVBACKEND_SELECT> or C<EVBACKEND_POLL> backend
might perform better.
On the positive side, ignoring the spurious readyness notifications, this
backend actually performed to specification in all tests and is fully
embeddable, which is a rare feat among the OS-specific backends.
Try all backends (even potentially broken ones that wouldn't be tried
@ -416,9 +420,8 @@ It is definitely not recommended to use this flag.
If one or more of these are ored into the flags value, then only these
backends will be tried (in the reverse order as given here). If none are
specified, most compiled-in backend will be tried, usually in reverse
order of their flag values :)
backends will be tried (in the reverse order as listed here). If none are
specified, all backends in C<ev_recommended_backends ()> will be tried.
The most typical usage is like this: