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Revision history for libev, a high-performance and full-featured event loop.
TODO: move some other examples to common idioms? combining watchers,
thread usage, coroutine switch?
4.01 Fri Nov 5 21:51:29 CET 2010
- automake fucked it up, apparently, --add-missing -f is not quite enough
to make it update its files, so 4.00 didn't install ev++.h and

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This section explains some common idioms that are not immediately
obvious. Note that examples are sprinkled over the whole manual, and this
section only contains stuff that wouldn't fit anywhere else.
=over 4
=item Model/nested event loop invocations and exit conditions.
Often (especially in GUI toolkits) there are places where you have
I<modal> interaction, which is most easily implemented by recursively
invoking C<ev_run>.
This brings the problem of exiting - a callback might want to finish the
main C<ev_run> call, but not the nested one (e.g. user clicked "Quit", but
a modal "Are you sure?" dialog is still waiting), or just the nested one
and not the main one (e.g. user clocked "Ok" in a modal dialog), or some
other combination: In these cases, C<ev_break> will not work alone.
The solution is to maintain "break this loop" variable for each C<ev_run>
invocation, and use a loop around C<ev_run> until the condition is
triggered, using C<EVRUN_ONCE>:
// main loop
int exit_main_loop = 0;
while (!exit_main_loop)
// in a model watcher
int exit_nested_loop = 0;
while (!exit_nested_loop)
ev_run (EV_A_ EVRUN_ONCE);
To exit from any of these loops, just set the corresponding exit variable:
// exit modal loop
exit_nested_loop = 1;
// exit main program, after modal loop is finished
exit_main_loop = 1;
// exit both
exit_main_loop = exit_nested_loop = 1;
Libev offers a compatibility emulation layer for libevent. It cannot
@ -3376,6 +3426,11 @@ emulate the internals of libevent, so here are some usage hints:
=over 4
=item * Only the libevent-1.4.1-beta API is being emulated.
This was the newest libevent version available when libev was implemented,
and is still mostly uncanged in 2010.
=item * Use it by including <event.h>, as usual.
=item * The following members are fully supported: ev_base, ev_callback,