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Marc Alexander Lehmann 12 years ago
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Revision history for libev, a high-performance and full-featured event loop.
TODO: include ev_xyz_start in each example?
TODO: which supports signals and child events
TODO: pointer races
TODO: ev_default_destroy, ev_default_fork
- "PORTING FROM LIBEV 3.X TO 4.X" (in ev.pod) is recommended reading.
- ev_embed_stop did not correctly stop the watcher (very good
testcase by Vladimir Timofeev).

@ -4759,6 +4759,11 @@ assumes that the same (machine) code can be used to call any watcher
callback: The watcher callbacks have different type signatures, but libev
calls them using an C<ev_watcher *> internally.
=item pointer accesses must be thread-atomic
Accessing a pointer value must be atomic, it must both be readable and
writable in one piece - this is the case on all current architectures.
=item C<sig_atomic_t volatile> must be thread-atomic as well
The type C<sig_atomic_t volatile> (or whatever is defined as
@ -5006,5 +5011,6 @@ to be started (attached to an event loop) before they can receive events.
=head1 AUTHOR
Marc Lehmann <libev@schmorp.de>, with repeated corrections by Mikael Magnusson.
Marc Lehmann <libev@schmorp.de>, with repeated corrections by Mikael
Magnusson and Emanuele Giaquinta.