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Marc Alexander Lehmann 7 years ago
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@ -418,8 +418,8 @@ without a system call and thus I<very> fast, but my GNU/Linux system also has
C<pthread_atfork> which is even faster).
The big advantage of this flag is that you can forget about fork (and
forget about forgetting to tell libev about forking) when you use this
forget about forgetting to tell libev about forking, although you still
have to ignore C<SIGPIPE>) when you use this flag.
This flag setting cannot be overridden or specified in the C<LIBEV_FLAGS>
environment variable.
@ -691,6 +691,9 @@ watchers (except inside an C<ev_prepare> callback), but it makes most
sense after forking, in the child process. You I<must> call it (or use
C<EVFLAG_FORKCHECK>) in the child before resuming or calling C<ev_run>.
In addition, if you want to reuse a loop (via this function of
C<EVFLAG_FORKCHECK>), you I<also> have to ignore C<SIGPIPE>.
Again, you I<have> to call it on I<any> loop that you want to re-use after
a fork, I<even if you do not plan to use the loop in the parent>. This is
because some kernel interfaces *cough* I<kqueue> *cough* do funny things