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@ -84,7 +84,7 @@ throughout this document.
This manual tries to be very detailed, but unfortunately, this also makes
it very long. If you just want to know the basics of libev, I suggest
reading L</ANATOMY OF A WATCHER>, then the L<E/XAMPLE PROGRAM> above and
reading L</ANATOMY OF A WATCHER>, then the L</EXAMPLE PROGRAM> above and
look up the missing functions in L</GLOBAL FUNCTIONS> and the C<ev_io> and
C<ev_timer> sections in L</WATCHER TYPES>.
@ -2860,7 +2860,7 @@ This mode of operation can be useful together with an C<ev_check> watcher,
to do something on each event loop iteration - for example to balance load
between different connections.
See L<< /Abusing an C<ev_check> watcher for its side-effect >> for a longer
See L</Abusing an C<ev_check> watcher for its side-effect> for a longer
=head3 Watcher-Specific Functions and Data Members