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Revision history for libev, a high-performance and full-featured event loop.
TODO: ev_loop_wakeup
TODO: EV_STANDALONE == NO_HASSEL (do not use clock_gettime in ev_standalone)
TODO: faq, process a thing in each iteration
TODO: dbeugging tips, ev_verify, ev_init twice
TODO: ev_break for immediate exit (EVBREAK_NOW?)
TODO: ev_feed_child_event
TODO: document the special problem of signals around fork.
TODO: store pid for each signal
TODO: document file descriptor usage per loop
TODO: store loop pid_t and compare isndie signal handler,store 1 for same, 2 for differign pid, clean up in loop_fork
TODO: embed watchers need updating when fd changes
TODO: document portability requirements for atomic pointer access
TODO: document requirements for function pointers and calling conventions.
4.23 Wed Nov 16 18:23:41 CET 2016
- move some declarations at the beginning to help certain retarded
microsoft compilers, even though their documentation claims
otherwise (reported by Ruslan Osmanov).

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.\" ========================================================================
.IX Title "LIBEV 3"
.TH LIBEV 3 "2016-02-18" "libev-4.22" "libev - high performance full featured event loop"
.TH LIBEV 3 "2016-11-16" "libev-4.23" "libev - high performance full featured event loop"
.\" For nroff, turn off justification. Always turn off hyphenation; it makes
.\" way too many mistakes in technical documents.
.if n .ad l
@ -5414,6 +5414,10 @@ structure (guaranteed by \s-1POSIX\s0 but not by \s-1ISO C\s0 for example), but
assumes that the same (machine) code can be used to call any watcher
callback: The watcher callbacks have different type signatures, but libev
calls them using an \f(CW\*(C`ev_watcher *\*(C'\fR internally.
.IP "null pointers and integer zero are represented by 0 bytes" 4
.IX Item "null pointers and integer zero are represented by 0 bytes"
Libev uses \f(CW\*(C`memset\*(C'\fR to initialise structs and arrays to \f(CW0\fR bytes, and
relies on this setting pointers and integers to null.
.IP "pointer accesses must be thread-atomic" 4
.IX Item "pointer accesses must be thread-atomic"
Accessing a pointer value must be atomic, it must both be readable and

@ -211,7 +211,7 @@ struct ev_loop;
/* eventmask, revents, events... */
enum {