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#define THROTTLE_GRANULARITY 0.2 /* defines how frequently a magazine is refilled. should be 0.1 <= x <= 1.0 */
typedef struct liThrottlePool liThrottlePool;
struct liThrottlePool {
GString *name;
guint rate; /** bytes/s */
gint magazine;
GQueue** queues; /** worker specific queues. each worker has 2 */
guint* current_queue;
gint num_cons;
gint rearming;
ev_tstamp last_pool_rearm;
ev_tstamp *last_con_rearm;
LI_API void li_throttle_cb(struct ev_loop *loop, ev_timer *w, int revents);
LI_API liThrottlePool *li_throttle_pool_new(liServer *srv, GString *name, guint rate);
LI_API void li_throttle_pool_free(liServer *srv, liThrottlePool *pool);