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Stefan Bühler bfa1395937 [throttle] fix connection throttling refill calculation 10 years ago
cmake [build] Fix detection of libev 13 years ago
doc [lua] add per lua_State lock 10 years ago
include define _XOPEN_SOURCE 600 for _POSIX_C_SOURCE 200112L, which should fix IPv6/sockaddr_in6 on BSD 10 years ago
src [throttle] fix connection throttling refill calculation 10 years ago
tests [angel,tests] implement and use "one-shot" option to not restart crashed workers 10 years ago
.gitignore gitignore update 10 years ago
CMakeLists.txt [tests] Create testing framework 13 years ago
COPYING [core] Update years in COPYING file 13 years ago Fix comment style (//) and add gnutls to automake distcheck 10 years ago On OS X the GNU libtool is prefixed with a g. 12 years ago [automake] workaround automake serial-tests option 10 years ago Fix to detect source directory 13 years ago [waf] Make ragel mandatory in configure step 14 years ago
waf [waf] Reenable waf and update to 1.5.8 14 years ago
wscript [waf] Add --with-profiler configure option 13 years ago