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Stefan Bühler 863b433aa6 [doc build] remove markdown support
- bluecloth is dead, and was dropped from debian
- markdown wasn't used in any doc

Change-Id: I61f51724a5abbae6cc0e4cbf993873b59b6e563d
6 years ago
cmake [cmake] handle include directories separately 7 years ago
contrib [mimetypes.conf] add text/markdown to utf-8 list, regenerate mimetypes.conf 6 years ago
doc [doc build] remove markdown support 6 years ago
include [core] disable strict-alias warnings for libev wrappers 7 years ago
src [plugin_core] support patterns in alias target 6 years ago
tests [tests] use gnutls certtool to create test ca 9 years ago
.gitignore ignore CMakeLists.txt.user (qtcreator) 8 years ago
CMakeLists.txt [cmake] handle include directories separately 7 years ago
COPYING [doc] document core config and modules in tree 9 years ago [autotools] include cmake files in dist 9 years ago [autobuild] use autoreconf instead of calling tools manually; update .gitignore 10 years ago [autobuild] fix configure to search for openssl in the specified paths 9 years ago [dist] add script to show differences between git and dist 9 years ago Fix to detect source directory 13 years ago