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#error Please include <lighttpd/base.h> instead of this file
#include <lighttpd/jobqueue.h>
typedef enum {
/* waiting for request headers */
/* all headers received, now handling them, set up input filters
* this state is set by the previous vrequest after VRS_WROTE_RESPONSE_HEADERS (or the main connection),
* and the handle_request function is called (which execute the action stack by default)
/* request headers handled, input filters ready; now content is accepted
* this state is set via handle_indirect (handle_direct skips to LI_VRS_HANDLE_RESPONSE_HEADERS
/* all response headers written, now set up output filters */
/* output filters ready, content can be written */
/* request done */
/* VRS_END, */
} liVRequestState;
typedef void (*liVRequestHandlerCB)(liVRequest *vr);
typedef liThrottleState* (*liVRequestThrottleCB)(liVRequest *vr);
typedef void (*liVRequestConnectionUpgradeCB)(liVRequest *vr, liStream *backend_drain, liStream *backend_source);
struct liConCallbacks {
liVRequestHandlerCB handle_response_error; /* this is _not_ for 500 - internal error */
liVRequestThrottleCB throttle_out, throttle_in;
liVRequestConnectionUpgradeCB connection_upgrade;
/* this data "belongs" to a vrequest, but is updated by the connection code */
struct liConInfo {
const liConCallbacks *callbacks;
liSocketAddress remote_addr, local_addr;
GString *remote_addr_str, *local_addr_str;
gboolean is_ssl;
gboolean keep_alive;
gboolean aborted; /* network aborted connection before response was sent completely */
liStream *req;
liStream *resp;
/* bytes in our "raw-io-out-queue" that hasn't be sent yet. (whatever "sent" means - in ssl buffer, kernel, ...) */
goffset out_queue_length;
/* use li_vrequest_update_stats_{in,out} to update this */
struct {
guint64 bytes_in; /* total number of bytes received */
guint64 bytes_out; /* total number of bytes sent */
li_tstamp last_avg;
guint64 bytes_in_5s; /* total number of bytes received at last 5s interval */
guint64 bytes_out_5s; /* total number of bytes sent at last 5s interval */
guint64 bytes_in_5s_diff; /* diff between bytes received at 5s interval n and interval n-1 */
guint64 bytes_out_5s_diff; /* diff between bytes sent at 5s interval n and interval n-1 */
} stats;
struct liVRequest {
liConInfo *coninfo;
liWorker *wrk;
liOptionValue *options;
liOptionPtrValue **optionptrs;
liLogContext log_context;
liVRequestState state;
li_tstamp ts_started;
GPtrArray *plugin_ctx;
liRequest request;
liPhysical physical;
liResponse response;
/* environment entries will be passed to the backends */
liEnvironment env;
/* -> vr_in -> filters_in -> in_memory ->(buffer_on_disk) -> in -> handle -> out -> filters_out -> vr_out -> */
GPtrArray *filters;
liStream *filters_in_last, *filters_out_last;
liStream *filters_in_first, *filters_out_first;
liStream *in_buffer_on_disk_stream, *wait_for_request_body_stream;
liPlugin *backend;
liStream *backend_source;
liStream *backend_drain;
liChunkQueue *direct_out; /* NULL for indirect responses, backend_source->out for direct responses. do not set this yourself for indirect responses! */
liActionStack action_stack;
liJob job;
GPtrArray *stat_cache_entries;
do { \
if (!li_vrequest_wait_for_request_body(vr)) { \
} \
} while (0)
do { \
if (vr->state == LI_VRS_HANDLE_REQUEST_HEADERS) { \
VR_ERROR(vr, "%s", "Cannot wait for response headers as no backend handler found - fix your config"); \
} else if (vr->state < LI_VRS_HANDLE_RESPONSE_HEADERS) { \
} \
} while (0)
LI_API liVRequest* li_vrequest_new(liWorker *wrk, liConInfo *coninfo);
LI_API void li_vrequest_free(liVRequest *vr);
/* if keepalive = TRUE, you either have to reset it later again with FALSE or call li_vrequest_start before reusing the vr;
* keepalive = TRUE doesn't reset the vr->request fields, so mod_status can show the last request data in the keep-alive state
LI_API void li_vrequest_reset(liVRequest *vr, gboolean keepalive);
/* called by connection */
/* resets fields which weren't reset in favor of keep-alive tracking */
LI_API void li_vrequest_start(liVRequest *vr);
/* received all request headers */
LI_API void li_vrequest_handle_request_headers(liVRequest *vr);
/* called by connection IO handling */
LI_API void li_vrequest_update_stats_in(liVRequest *vr, goffset transferred);
LI_API void li_vrequest_update_stats_out(liVRequest *vr, goffset transferred);
/* called by actions handling the request */
/* returns TRUE if request body is present
* or shouldn't be waited for (if caching on disk is disabled and liCQLimit hit, ...)
* if it returns FALSE it will trigger li_vrequest_joblist_append later */
LI_API gboolean li_vrequest_wait_for_request_body(liVRequest *vr);
/* response completely ready; use this only in action callbacks */
LI_API gboolean li_vrequest_handle_direct(liVRequest *vr);
/* check whether the request is already handled */
LI_API gboolean li_vrequest_is_handled(liVRequest *vr);
/* handle request over time */
LI_API gboolean li_vrequest_handle_indirect(liVRequest *vr, liPlugin *p);
/* signal that backend connection is ready - after this a backend error might result in a internal error */
LI_API void li_vrequest_indirect_connect(liVRequest *vr, liStream *backend_drain, liStream *backend_source);
/* received all response headers/status code - call once from your indirect handler */
LI_API void li_vrequest_indirect_headers_ready(liVRequest *vr);
/* call instead of headers_ready */
LI_API void li_vrequest_connection_upgrade(liVRequest *vr, liStream *backend_drain, liStream *backend_source);
/* Signals an internal error; handles the error in the _next_ loop */
LI_API void li_vrequest_error(liVRequest *vr);
LI_API void li_vrequest_backend_overloaded(liVRequest *vr);
LI_API void li_vrequest_backend_dead(liVRequest *vr);
LI_API void li_vrequest_backend_error(liVRequest *vr, liBackendError berror);
LI_API void li_vrequest_backend_finished(liVRequest *vr); /* action.c */
LI_API void li_vrequest_state_machine(liVRequest *vr);
LI_API void li_vrequest_joblist_append(liVRequest *vr);
LI_API liJobRef* li_vrequest_get_ref(liVRequest *vr);
LI_API gboolean li_vrequest_redirect(liVRequest *vr, GString *uri);
LI_API gboolean li_vrequest_redirect_directory(liVRequest *vr);