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#error Please include <lighttpd/base.h> instead of this file
typedef void (*liPluginInitCB) (liServer *srv, liPlugin *p, gpointer userdata);
typedef void (*liPluginFreeCB) (liServer *srv, liPlugin *p);
typedef gboolean (*liPluginParseOptionCB) (liServer *srv, liWorker *wrk, liPlugin *p, size_t ndx, liValue *val, liOptionValue *oval);
typedef gboolean (*liPluginParseOptionPtrCB)(liServer *srv, liWorker *wrk, liPlugin *p, size_t ndx, liValue *val, gpointer *oval);
typedef void (*liPluginFreeOptionPtrCB) (liServer *srv, liPlugin *p, size_t ndx, gpointer oval);
typedef liAction*(*liPluginCreateActionCB) (liServer *srv, liWorker *wrk, liPlugin *p, liValue *val, gpointer userdata);
typedef gboolean (*liPluginSetupCB) (liServer *srv, liPlugin *p, liValue *val, gpointer userdata);
typedef void (*liPluginAngelCB) (liServer *srv, liPlugin *p, gint32 id, GString *data);
typedef void (*liPluginServerStateWorker)(liServer *srv, liPlugin *p, liWorker *wrk);
typedef void (*liPluginServerState)(liServer *srv, liPlugin *p);
typedef void (*liPluginHandleCloseCB) (liConnection *con, liPlugin *p);
typedef liHandlerResult(*liPluginHandleVRequestCB)(liVRequest *vr, liPlugin *p);
typedef void (*liPluginHandleVRCloseCB) (liVRequest *vr, liPlugin *p);
typedef void (*liPluginInitLua)(liLuaState *LL, liServer *srv, liWorker *wrk, liPlugin *p);
struct liPlugin {
size_t version;
const gchar *name; /**< name of the plugin */
guint id; /**< index in some plugin arrays */
gpointer data; /**< private plugin data */
size_t opt_base_index, optptr_base_index;
liPluginFreeCB free; /**< called before plugin is unloaded */
liPluginHandleVRequestCB handle_request_body;
/** called for every plugin after connection got closed (response end, reset by peer, error)
* the plugins code must not depend on any order of plugins loaded
liPluginHandleCloseCB handle_close;
/** called for every plugin after vrequest got reset */
liPluginHandleVRCloseCB handle_vrclose;
liPluginServerStateWorker handle_prepare_worker; /**< called in the worker thread context once before running the workers */
liPluginServerStateWorker handle_worker_stop;
/* server state machine hooks */
liPluginServerState handle_prepare, handle_start_listen, handle_stop_listen, handle_start_log, handle_stop_log;
liPluginInitLua handle_init_lua;
const liPluginOption *options;
const liPluginOptionPtr *optionptrs;
const liPluginAction *actions;
const liPluginSetup *setups;
const liPluginAngel *angelcbs;
struct liPluginOption {
const gchar *name;
liValueType type;
gint64 default_value;
liPluginParseOptionCB parse_option;
struct liPluginOptionPtr {
const gchar *name;
liValueType type;
gpointer default_value;
liPluginParseOptionPtrCB parse_option;
liPluginFreeOptionPtrCB free_option;
struct liPluginAction {
const gchar *name;
liPluginCreateActionCB create_action;
gpointer userdata;
struct liPluginSetup {
const gchar *name;
liPluginSetupCB setup;
gpointer userdata;
struct liPluginAngel {
const gchar *name;
liPluginAngelCB angel_cb;
/* Needed by modules to register their plugin(s) */
LI_API liPlugin *li_plugin_register(liServer *srv, const gchar *name, liPluginInitCB init, gpointer userdata);
/* Internal needed functions */
LI_API void li_plugin_free(liServer *srv, liPlugin *p);
LI_API void li_server_plugins_init(liServer *srv);
LI_API void li_server_plugins_free(liServer *srv);
LI_API void li_release_optionptr(liServer *srv, liOptionPtrValue *value);
LI_API void li_plugins_prepare_callbacks(liServer *srv);
/* server state machine callbacks */
LI_API void li_plugins_prepare_worker(liWorker *wrk); /* blocking callbacks */
LI_API void li_plugins_prepare(liServer *srv); /* "prepare", async */
LI_API void li_plugins_worker_stop(liWorker *wrk); /* blocking callbacks */
LI_API void li_plugins_start_listen(liServer *srv); /* "warmup" */
LI_API void li_plugins_stop_listen(liServer *srv); /* "prepare suspend", async */
LI_API void li_plugins_start_log(liServer *srv); /* "run" */
LI_API void li_plugins_stop_log(liServer *srv); /* "suspend now" */
LI_API void li_plugins_handle_close(liConnection *con);
LI_API void li_plugins_handle_vrclose(liVRequest *vr);
/* Needed for config frontends */
/* "val" gets freed in any case */
LI_API liAction *li_plugin_config_action(liServer *srv, liWorker *wrk, const gchar *name, liValue *val);
LI_API gboolean li_plugin_config_setup(liServer *srv, const char *name, liValue *val);
LI_API void li_plugins_init_lua(liLuaState *LL, liServer *srv, liWorker *wrk);
extern const liOptionPtrValue li_option_ptr_zero;
/* needs vrequest *vr and plugin *p */
#define OPTION(idx) _OPTION(vr, p, idx)
#define _OPTION(vr, p, idx) (vr->options[p->opt_base_index + idx])
#define _OPTION_ABS(vr, idx) (vr->options[idx])
#define OPTIONPTR(idx) _OPTIONPTR(vr, p, idx)
#define _OPTIONPTR(vr, p, idx) (vr->optionptrs[p->optptr_base_index + idx] ? vr->optionptrs[p->optptr_base_index + idx]->data :
#define _OPTIONPTR_ABS(vr, idx) (vr->optionptrs[idx] ? vr->optionptrs[idx]->data :