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#error Please include <lighttpd/base.h> instead of this file
struct liHttpResponseCtx {
liChunkParserCtx chunk_ctx;
liResponse *response;
gboolean accept_cgi, accept_nph;
gboolean drop_header; /* for 1xx responses */
liHttpVersion http_version;
liChunkParserMark mark;
GString *h_key, *h_value;
LI_API void li_http_response_parser_init(liHttpResponseCtx* ctx, liResponse *req, liChunkQueue *cq, gboolean accept_cgi, gboolean accept_nph);
LI_API void li_http_response_parser_reset(liHttpResponseCtx* ctx);
LI_API void li_http_response_parser_clear(liHttpResponseCtx *ctx);
LI_API liHandlerResult li_http_response_parse(liVRequest *vr, liHttpResponseCtx *ctx);